It doesn’t have to be winter to think about cozying up a room with an area rug. Even though for thousands of years area rugs have brought warmth and comfort to our living spaces, it is the same whether it is winter, spring, summer or fall!
Area rugs can contribute color, design and texture to any room. Let’s not forget how quickly area rugs transform the look and feel of a room...and how easily they can be changed to help our homes reflect each season. 

Entertaining? But don’t have time for a full room makeover? Area rugs make a stylish cover-up for floors that aren’t in tiptop shape. Your guests will think your room is gorgeous and different with a whole new ambiance.
Rugs can be used to create or enhance a focal point of the room –they can even become the focal point of the room. Imagine creating an intimate place for a chat in front of a fireplace, or a nook in a corner of a room.  The possibilities are endless, let your mind and creative senses go to create a unique space.

Yearning to be outdoors? Maybe it’s a good time of year to bring the outside in, say with rugs featuring botanical themes…leaves, plants or flowers.

Area rugs are versatile.  Use them to link rooms together using your rugs’ colors and patterns. Combine these with intriguingly different shapes and you can see how rugs will contribute to the design flow through the house, inviting visitors to go from room to room without effort.

Here’s an idea…consider buying more than one rug for each room.  This way, you can move them around the house or change the rugs as you move your furniture for an always fresh look. It’s a great way to let your creative juices flow!