Food has gotten spicier, music choices have become more diverse, and fashion trends are broader than ever.

Personal expression and experimentation is all the rage, yet too often in our homes the use of color remains trapped in the past.

Why, when we are open to experimenting with our clothes and our tastes, do we leave the greatest opportunity for personal expression, our home spaces, languishing in dreary neutrals?

A colorful room can flood us with feeling, making us excited, cheerful, inspired and comforted. Of course, it is never one-size-fits-all. A color that might thrill me could leave someone else feeling claustrophobic and inhibited. But we all react to color and studies show that almost all of us have an inborn attraction to it.

Learning to look at and understand color and to identify your personal taste is one of the most satisfying ways to develop our creative skills.

Rugs are a wonderful entre into that fashion-forward world, as they offer immediate gratification and make a statement on their own. Where people may not be able to make a color decision on new upholstery or curtains or wall color, an area rug can be the starting point for their design story.

Lifeless colors are loosening their death-grip on today’s interiors. Finally, we have the opportunity to break out of neutrals and dull earth tones for some colors that really sing.

Finally, choices are beginning to expand beyond navy, hunter green, burgundy, and brown. We are seeing fashion colors move into home furnishing with flair, and the next wave in rugs is keeping in step.

It is time to experiment and be colorful. Are you up for the challenge?