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Fleming Flooring & Design Center has flooring knowledge about all popular products and competitive pricing for products and services

Our employees are the best-trained in flooring knowledge of every popular product on the market; we also offer the most competitive pricing in Georgia. On occasion, new customers will ask Fleming Flooring & Design Center why they should choose us over other flooring dealers. This can be a loaded question, but we try to always give them a straight answer.

First and foremost, our company knows that our people must be completely familiar with all the products we sell and install in order to provide the best products and professional services. One way we do this is to make certain that they are well-trained about the features and benefits of every product we sell, and also about the specific installation techniques required to set each flooring product in place correctly. Just as education benefits people in the workforce, flooring knowledge benefits the employees who work for flooring dealers. In the final analysis, the real benefit to us comes in the form of positive referrals from highly satisfied homeowners.

Competitive pricing matters too

Fleming Flooring & Design Center surely understands that people generally look for the best price they can get, particularly in today's economy, and especially when considering a costly product or service. However, saving money by taking the lowest available price can often fool you, especially when doing so means settling for a lower-quality result.

We keep a close watch on what our Georgia area competitors charge for similar products and services that we also offer. Our aim is to provide the lowest possible price that will not require the customer to accept a second rate result. This particularly applies to the professional services we provide such as flooring installation. Obviously, we have a little more ‘wiggle room' for services than we do on selling a manufacturer's products. In addition, there are some areas that we never compromise on such as great customer service.
Competitive Flooring Prices in Marietta, GA from Fleming Flooring & Design Centers
Fleming Flooring & Design Center also benefits from having employees who have exceptional flooring knowledge, because this enables us to work more quickly without sacrificing quality and therefore reducing our actual cost on a project. We offer a full range of products and professional services to homeowners in Marietta, Cobb, Paulding, Fulton, Cherokee and other Georgia communities at the lowest-possible prices.

Would you like more information? If so, please phone us, e-mail us, or stop by our showroom in Marietta, GA to discuss our competitive pricing and flooring knowledge in greater detail with one of our talented flooring consultants.